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Business Growth Coaching

Partnering with GRGC Consultants, Word Ferret offers business growth coaching and mentoring.


Leveraging decades of experience across many industries, working with governments, and consulting for investors, we can coach and enable you to excel in multiple sales and marketing channels - there are over twenty-five potential channels that can apply to your business.

We focus on the following business growth areas: strategy, research, communications, demand generation, sales, marketing, Voice of the Customer, and publishing.

From saving an almost bankrupt business, turning it into a market leader, to signing global SaaS contracts up to $22 million, we can share our experience with you.​

Barriers to sales

1. Help you to understand the barriers to your sales

You need to understand the challenges you are facing. Why do these barriers exist and what is the impact on your business?


We speak about the core problem at a high level in this video where we talk about trust, information availability and buyer behaviour.

Helping you to adapt

2. Helping you to adapt

The video will also share the basic principles of aligning with buyer behaviour, turning what appears

to be real disadvantages into advantages for you.

Preparation and alignment

3. Preparation, alignment and implementation.

We can coach and guide you to actively prepare, closely align you with your buyer's journeys and implement what you've learned,  making it part of your business DNA.


This is critical and makes the difference between going in circles for years or actually forging ahead and growing your business.

Omnichannel sales and marketing

4. Multi-channel/Omnichannel sales and marketing

With the foundations in place, depending on your business, there are over 20 ways that you can align yourself with your buyers (the omnichannel sales and marketing approach).

We are experts in all but SEO, graphics, video and web design, although we do provide high-level guidance on these areas. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient through training, coaching and mentoring, however, we can also provide contract services from the UK and US if you would like us to become part of your team for a while.


What's covered in our coaching sessions and workshops?

Whether it's a series of 1-2-1 sessions or workshops, the topics that we cover are:


  • Principles of a trust-based framework/communication

  • The Buyer Journey

  • Buyer influence/empowerment/guidance

  • Buyer persona analysis

  • Pain points

  • Implications

  • Trust, communication/information strategy and buyer alignment

  • Messaging and positioning

  • Differentiation

  • A finely-tuned alignment with the buyer’s journey and needs

  • Sales and marketing strategy

  • Step-by-step buyer alignment with each of the relevant sales channels that are relevant to you

  • Unified communication through the omnichannel marketing and sales approach

  • Alignment with your structured sales process (SPIN, MEDDIC, CCS, etc), if applicable

  • Alignment with your systems, e.g. your CRM and document management

  • Market analysis, including competitive landscape


Sales and marketing businesses analysis service

Are your sales figures stagnating? Not sure what you need to get back on track?

We can perform a full business growth analysis, including market research and a competitor overview. We can perform anything from a high-level to deep analysis that covers every area covered by our business coaching service, and can even include customer and prospect interviews.

Buyer behaviour. What has changed?

Sales lead generation, and even the sales cycle itself, has been massively impacted since 2020 and has become increasingly worse, especially for startups and SMEs. We all know a lot has happened in the world, but what are the specific reasons that affect lead generation?

We share three core reasons why you have been affected in the video on this page. If you don't have time to watch the video, high-level notes are there as well.

Buyer journey preview
Free consultancy call

Got any questions? Let's have a quick chat!

Schedule a quick call to get to know each other. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, let's connect, we can help. 


These are free calls that last approx. 10-15 minutes. There is limited availability, so please contact us if an ideal slot is not available for you. We will let you know if we can move things around to accommodate you.

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