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Hi, Martin.

I had the good fortune to see your presentation at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo earlier this year, and last week I met up with a non-competitive retail client who attended your session too. We agreed that you’d hit the nail on the head about operational efficiency challenges faced across the industry. I've been in the industry for 29 years, and we've almost met several times, but we have never connected in person. A proper introduction is long overdue, hence this video and message.

As you mentioned, our industry continues to leverage the ever-growing number of services and solutions for continuous improvements in operational efficiency, consumer experiences, and store fulfilment, but these steps forward have introduced their own challenges.

There are many reasons for this, but in our experience as consultants the three core challenges we are called in to address are siloed solutions, integration difficulties across disparate systems within the supply chain, and the lack of data standards in logistics. How much does this resonate with you?

Working with our clients, we’ve shown consistently that additional 30% to 50% efficiencies are realistic and achievable. That sounds bold, but considering the depth and breadth of supply chain operations, the number of stakeholders involved, and the disparate systems used throughout the process, the scope for improvement is significant.

Based on experience, I firmly believe that we can achieve the same efficiencies for Hawker’s Supermakets. Would you be open to a mutual discovery call? My calendar is in the link below.

Kind regards,


Ray Collia, Director of Relationship Development

Direct Dial or WhatsApp +44 7789 721821


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