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Hi, Jeremy.

Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn.

I'm reaching out to you because of two things related to Tilda that I read as part of my preparation for this contact.

First of all, paraphrasing an online comment by you about business partnering for Tilda, I saw that you had stated that innovation is important, but a commitment to reducing overall operational impact on the environment is a deciding factor.

Secondly, reading the growth levers on Ebra’s website was encouraging since they directly relate to our business services. The levers are:

  1. Organic and inorganic growth in high-consumption countries.

  2. Opening to developing countries with a high growth potential.

  3. Differentiation and innovation.

  4. Low risk exposure.

Our company, Antares Vision, is the world leader in track and trace solutions, and a few weeks ago we announced the world’s first rice supply chain traceability solution.

What’s immediately clear to me is that our business and solutions embody the principles of your statement about innovation and sustainability, and Ebro’s growth levers for high growth, scalability, differentiation, innovation, and low risk exposure. I appreciate that Tilda’s growth levers may differ from your parent company’s, but I felt that they were a sound foundation to work from at this point of introduction. Ideally, I’d love to learn more about you and Tilda’s specific goals and needs, and share information about the new rice traceability system.

Would you be open to a mutual discovery call? I hope so. If you are, my calendar is in the link below for your convenience.

Kind regards,


Ray Collia, Director of Relationship Development

Direct Dial or WhatsApp +44 7789 721821


Schedule a call here

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