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Jimmy Betchel and Sean Soth

Society of Clinical Research Sites


Hi, Jimmy and Sean.

We've met a couple of times a few years ago when I attended the Site Solutions Summit a two or three times for Greenphire.

I have been a very vocal advocate of SCRS for many years and am happy to say that I introduced several pharmaceutical companies to your summits. The SCRS are very close to my heart from both a professional and personal perspective. It was also how I met Vivienne Vande Walle, who I see as a friend now.

Following a recent project where Jimmy’s name came up quite a few times, I felt the time is right to contact you now because I co-founded a copywriting business a couple of years ago that’s built on decades of academic and business experience. I’ve always wanted to connect with you again to put our services forward to you, but I waited until we had a varied and relevant enough portfolio to show you—I didn’t want to get ahead of myself before showing you what we can do. I’ve created a landing page with sample links and have even added photos from two Site Solutions Summits, just in case it helps remind you of who I am. :)

If we could support the SCRS, I cannot tell you how much it would mean to us on a personal level, let alone a business one. I can explain why one of these days if you are ever interested.

I hope that I’ve piqued your interest. If you would be open to a call, my calendar is here.

Wishing you and the team every success, as always.

Kind regards,


Ray Collia

Co-founder and Partner

Word Ferret

Direct Dial or WhatsApp +44 7789 721821


Role Play:

Ray Collia reaching out from

to Sue Richards, a SVP at Sample Pharma

Supporting Information for

Society of Clinical Research Sites

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Connect VMS

How would you like two minutes of your prospect's attention...

without a scheduled meeting?


Build trust and credibility through personalized, authentic, human outreach, give buyers access to expertise and information, and thoughtfully align with your buyer's

journey and needs.

Learn more about Connect VMS here.

From just

£4 per prospect*

*Set-up fee applies

For your team, it's a simple as 1-2-3

Tell us who you want to reach and what you want to say.
We'll carry out extra research, brief you, and set up landing pages based on what you provide.

You and/or your team record 2-minute video message(s). You can use the landing page as a guide to what you should say.

We'll do the rest... editing, sending, follow-ups, and CRM data entry. Responses will come straight to you.


Copywriting and Research

Words Have Power

We are professional researchers and copywriters with decades of experience in life sciences services and solutions.

We specialize in aligning messaging with your specific stakeholders, and have real-world experience working with senior validation, quality, and IT stakeholders from SMEs up to the top 5 pharma, CDMOs, and CROs in the pharma industry.

Samples of our work

Clinical trial complexity.jpg
Bridging the Gap – TEFCA, Healthcare Data Interoperability, and Clinical Research Use Case
A Few Clicks and Done- Automating EDC Data Entry.jpg
EU GMP Annex 1- The Cost of Non-Compliance.jpg

Life Sciences Experience

One of our specialist areas is life sciences. We have more than fourteen years' business experience in solutions for the pharma and medical device sectors, including clinical trials.

One of our founders, Ray Collia, is an international speaker, round table and event chairperson, and patient and site evangelist in this sector. He was on the steering committee for the Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group between 2016 and 2023.

Click here to see our areas of experience.

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