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Video Introduction and Sample Links


Kalyani Nayaka


Thank you for watching this introduction.

Word Ferret is a specialist research and copywriting business. We are backed by decades of business experience in the life science, technology, and supply chain sectors. This landing page has some samples of our work which I hope you’ll like, and there are links to lists that show over 100 areas of expertise that we have.

As a team, we have a lot to offer that set us apart from other copywriters.

My wife and co-founder, Gina Collia, is borderline superhuman as a wordsmith–she’s a publisher, editor, author, and professional copywriter. She also has an extreme aversion to being sold to, so our copy is compelling and informative, without being salesy.

I’m from a senior sales and consultancy background, with almost forty years global commercial experience, so I understand the importance of using words to empower you to establish trust and credibility, fulfil the buyer’s need for specific information, and how to keep in step with your buyer’s decision making process.

Together, we understand what’s important to you and your audience, and the best ways to connect you. 

Do you have any projects that you’d like to explore with us, or would you like to learn more about our work? If you'd be happy to connect in a more human way, my calendar is here.

I hope that we'll be speaking soon.

Ray Collia | Co-founder

Mobile and WhatsApp: +44 7789 721 821 (UK)

DD: +44 1271 865673 (UK)

Experience and Samples of Our Work



Copywriting and Research

Words Have Power

We are professional researchers and copywriters with decades of experience in life sciences, technology, and supply chain services and solutions (click the images below).

We specialize in aligning messaging with your specific stakeholders, and have real-world experience working with stakeholders from SMEs up to the top 5 pharma, CDMOs, CROs, reseacrh sites, patient advocacy groups, and pharma supply chain,  technology, and financial management.

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Clinical trial complexity.jpg
Bridging the Gap – TEFCA, Healthcare Data Interoperability, and Clinical Research Use Case
A Few Clicks and Done- Automating EDC Data Entry.jpg
EU GMP Annex 1- The Cost of Non-Compliance.jpg

Other Services

Business Development.png

Connect VMS

How would you like two minutes of your prospect's attention...

without a scheduled meeting?


Build trust and credibility through personalized, authentic, human outreach, give buyers access to expertise and information, and thoughtfully align with your buyer's

journey and needs.

Learn more about Connect VMS here.

From just

£4 per prospect*

*Set-up fee applies

For your team, it's a simple as 1-2-3

Tell us who you want to reach and what you want to say.
We'll carry out extra research, brief you, and set up landing pages based on what you provide.

You and/or your team record 2-minute video message(s). You can use the landing page as a guide to what you should say.

We'll do the rest... editing, sending, follow-ups, and CRM data entry. Responses will come straight to you.
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