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  • Privacy statement | Word Ferret

    Word Ferret Privacy Policy Welcome to the Word Ferret Privacy Policy. Word Ferret is a trading name of GRGC (collectively referred to as 'GRGC', 'we', 'us' or 'our'). We are committed to protecting and preserving your personal data while it is in our care, and we take our responsibilities in this regard extremely seriously. This policy is provided to help you understand how we collect and use your personal data. It also explains what your choices are in regard to its use. By using the Word Ferret website, you are subject to the terms and conditions of this Policy. There may be times when we offer different or additional privacy terms for a specific service. If those terms conflict with the contents of this Privacy Policy, the terms that relate to the specific service apply instead. ​ Please note that this Privacy Policy is reviewed periodically. We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. 1. How to get in touch with us ​ Our website address: Registered address: Queensgate House, 48 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3SR, United Kingdom Phone Number: +44 1271865673 E-mail: This Privacy Notice was last updated: 16th February 2023 ​ 2. The type of personal information we collect ​ We may collect, store and use the following information about you: ​ Your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and social media handle; Your job title, role and/or level, and the name of your company; Your IP address, operating system, web browser and browsing preferences, details of your visits to our web site and the resources you use, or other usage information. We do not collect any non-business-related data, such as date of birth or government identification number, and we do not collect sensitive personal data unless given permission to do so by you for the purpose of delivering a service or product, such as an autobiography, CV or other document that requires the inclusion of personal data. ​ ​ 3. How we get personal information and how we use it ​ Most of the personal data we process is obtained from: ​ ​ Information you put into forms or surveys on this website; Information included in telephone/email/social media communications between the Word Ferret team and you; Details of transactions you carry out with Word Ferret; The use of cookies (e.g. your IP address, browser, operating system, details of your visits to the Word Ferret website and the resources you use). ​ We use this information to: ​ ​ Respond to your inquiries, requests or comments; ​Perform a contract or transaction we enter into with you; Provide support for our services; Notify you of changes or updates to our website or services; To email or otherwise send you marketing or other promotional information about Word Ferret services;​ ​To fulfil any other purpose for which you provide the information; For system administration and for analytics to help us provide a better service for you; Comply with our legal or regulatory obligations. ​ If at any time you wish to opt out of receiving marketing or other communications from us, please write to us at . If you order one of our services, you will still receive transactional communications from us for as long as is necessary for the successful delivery of that service. ​ We may share your personal data with one of our partners, with your consent, if your requirements fall beyond the scope of the services that we supply. ​ GRGC does not sell your personal information. ​ 4. How we store your personal information ​ ​ The security and confidentiality of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. We take your rights and our obligations with regard to GDPR very seriously indeed, and we have implemented technical, administrative, and physical security measures to protect your personal data, all of which are reviewed regularly. ​ We store most of the information we collect about you on computer systems and in databases that are operated by us or our service providers. A small amount of information about you is recorded on paper, and that is stored securely. ​ Data is stored securely in one or more of the following locations: ​ Our computers and secure local storage devices; Apple Mail and Calendar; Calendly; Google Drive encrypted folders; Google Mail, Meet, Calendar, Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Contacts; Microsoft 365 suite; Microsoft Onedrive encrypted folders; Brevo (formerly known as SendInBlue); WhatsApp (name and number for communications); Wix; ZoHo CRM. ​ We retain your personal information for as long as is necessary to carry out the purpose for which it was collected (see section 3 above) and for any additional period that may be required by law. We will then delete your information from our records. We seek to re-verify the accuracy of all of the information held on file on an ongoing basis. Data that is found to be inaccurate or out of date is removed from our records and, where possible, replaced with accurate information.​ ​ 5. Your data protection rights ​ Under data protection law, you have the right to: ​ Request access to the personal data we have about you; Request a copy of the personal information we have about you; Request that we rectify any errors in the personal information we have about you; Request deletion of your personal information; Request the restriction or suppression of your personal data; Object to the way in which we process your personal information; Request that we transfer the personal information you gave us to another organisation or to you. ​ ​ Please contact us at should you wish to make a request. ​ If you submit a request which we cannot fulfil, in whole or in part, for legal or technical reasons, we will provide an explanation for this limitation within one month of receipt of your request. In the interest of data protection, we will only process your request if we can reasonably verify that you are the individual whose personal information we hold, or that you are the authorised representative of that individual. ​ How to complain: ​ If you have any concerns about our use of your personal information, you can write to us at . You can also make a complaint to the ICO if you are unhappy with the way we have used your personal data. ​ The ICO’s address: ​ Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF ​ Helpline number: 0303 123 1113 ICO website:

  • Contact | Word Ferret

    Contact Us To discuss your proofreading, copy editing, copywriting, voice of the customer (VoC) or indexing needs, or if you simply have a question for us, please do get in touch. We're here to help. Give us a call on +44 1271865673, write to, or use the form below. I agree to the terms & conditions Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Voice of the Customer | Word Ferret

    As the writer Christopher Morley once said, 'There is only one rule for being a good talker – learn to listen.' ​ Obtaining customer feedback can give you vital insights into what your customers think of your company, product or service. But it goes beyond that. If your customers feel that they're part of the conversation, and that you value their opinions, they will be more engaged and far more receptive to your message. ​ So, whether you're planning a marketing campaign, looking to improve your customer service, launching a new product or looking to update an old one, the first thing you need to do is open your ears wide and listen to what your customers have to say. We wrote an article all about Voice of the Customer. You can read it by clicking here. What is Voice of the Customer (VoC) or Patient Voice? Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a well-established customer feedback methodology. A good VoC initiative will help you read, hear or see how your customers really feel about your business, your products or your services, giving you insights that can help you fine-tune or even transform the customer experience. Patient Voice uses the same principles within clinical trials (where patient interviews and feedback can be anonymous) or healthcare. Download the brochure here VoC can help you to: Improve your customer/patient experience. Serve your customers/patients better. Uncover/solve current/potential problems. Improve your product. Improve your service. Improve efficiency. Improve training. Enhance your brand. Differentiate yourself. Create powerful messaging for marketing and sales. Be more competitive. Increase customer retention. Increase sales. How is VoC information gleaned? Information can be gathered from various sources, including: Live customer interviews.* Focus groups.* Customer surveys (online and in person). Emails. Feedback Forms. Social media. Word Ferret can help you with all the above by carrying out interviews* and producing the necessary written copy, email sequences, transcripts, articles, questionnaires, etc., to make your VoC campaign successful. ​ * See The Word Ferret 'Voice' interview/focus package below. The Word Ferret 'Voice' interview/focus group package The customer interview is one of the most vital methods for gaining insight into what is important to those who use your service/product. A good interview will provide you with a solid understanding of how your customer feels about your business, products, services and support. It will provide feedback that highlights potential areas for improvement or development, flags any potential issues and may even provide ideas for new products or services. ​ Typically these interviews are performed with one customer/patient, but they can also be carried out with multiple stakeholders in the form of a focus group. ​ The process we follow is shown below. Our four-step process 1. Briefing To begin with, we will: ​ Introduce you to the Word Ferret process. Discuss your requirements, goals and expectations. Agree on the best customers to contact. Agree on actions and timelines. 2. Preparation At the next stage, we will: ​ Agree questions for your customer(s). Conduct an initial kick-off call. Acquire customer consent. Schedule the VoC call date and time. Send pre-agreed questions to your customer. 3. VoC session We will then carry out: ​ A final pre-session call (if required). The VoC video call. Any post-session communications. ​ Where possible, we will collect customer metrics, such as ROI data, etc., further empowering you and your business. 4. Delivery You will receive: ​ A debriefing call to discuss the completed VoC session An original transcript or an edited version, or both. A copy of the video A biography and photo (if provided by the interviewee) Delivery of selected documents (see below for examples) Voice of the Customer sample We will conduct 1-2-1 interviews or Focus Group sessions. All sessions are carried out virtually. 1-2-1 interviews are typically 30 minutes long. Focus group sessions can be up to 4 hours long. All sessions are professionally moderated. Your subject matter experts can be involved in the sessions. Sessions are recorded (audio and video). Vivienne van de Walle, of PT and R and the Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), talks about Medidata We will provide the following: Transcript Video file Biography* Profile photo * *If provided by the interviewee. Click to download the transcript We can produce any copy that you require You can then use our copy to create the items listed below.* Documents ​White papers Training materials Testimonials Telephone scripts Social media sequences Press releases Playbooks ​ Leaflets Email sequences eBooks eBrochures Scripts Speeches Annual reports ​ Video, web & user interfaces Promotional videos Training videos Web pages Help pages/guides Webinars User interfaces *Note: We create the written copy for the above, not the finished product, e.g., the final video, web page or user interface.

  • Supply Chain | Word Ferret

    Supply Chain Experience Supply chain is the lifeblood coursing through the veins of any industry where a physical product is part of the proc ess. To say that supply chain is a hugely complex area of expertise is an understatement. We have experience that spans over 28 years across many industries , and we understand the many physical and digital challenges within supply chain, transport, distribution, and logistics. ​ A list of some of our supply chain areas of expertise is shown here: AI/Machine Learning in supply chain planning Analytics Audit trails Cloud – single/multi/network tenant Configurable solutions Connected data across the enterprise and partners Consultancy D2P - Direct-to-Patient (clinical trials) Data repositories Drug supply forecasting DSCSA - Drug Supply Chain Security Act EDI - Electronic Data Interchange EPCIS - Electronic Product Code Information Services EU FMD - The EU Falsified Medicines Directive Finance FMCG Governance Governance, Risk & Compliance Governments GxP based implementation Integration apps with multiple enterprise systems Interoperability Labelling Manufacturing in Many Industry Sectors Master data integration and management Packaging Process automation Project management QP services - Qualified Person services Real-time data analytics Regulatory compliance Retail Returns Management Security Services Software, SaaS & Enterprise Solutions Strategic Alliances Support Track and trace Training VRS - Verification Router Services Warehousing Workflows Contact us to learn more

  • Environmental Sustainability | Word Ferret

    Environmental sustainability is immensely important to the Word Ferret team. We are passionate about taking care of our planet and do everything we can to make a positive impact on the world. Our business is 100% virtual, meaning there is zero travel - no long car journeys, no flights, and no unnecessary use of taxis, trains and hotels. Our entire lifestyle and hobbies are naturally environmentally friendly. Our current carbon footprint is 2.9 tonnes. Although this is lower than the national UK average of 25 tonnes for a small business, we strive to reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis. Our Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment We plant trees every chance we get! Read more All of our published titles (via Countisbury Publishing and Nezu Press) are printed on demand. With print-on-demand, a book is printed only when a sale is made. There is no need for us to print a large number of books and store them until they are sold. This removes the need for warehousing (which would need light and heating) and the possibility of having to pulp a large number of books if they remain unsold (what a waste of precious resources!). Additionally, books are manufactured as close to the customer as possible, so there's no need for a book to fly from London to New York, or vice versa. Zero Travel All of Word Ferret's proofreading, copy editing, copywriting and indexing work - in fact, everything we do - is carried out remotely. There are no car journeys, no flights, and we have no need to use taxis, car rentals, trains or hotels. Local Resources We passionately believe in supporting local businesses. Wherever possible, we buy locally sourced food and products. In addition to reducing our impact on the environment, we get to help our local economy and meet/support amazing people. Green Suppliers We made a move to Green Energy and Green Broadband a few years ago and we're always looking for new ways to become more energy efficient and reduce our impact on the environment. Recycling We recycle as much as can be recycled. We make every effort to reduce our water usage, and we save a minimum of 600 litres per month by recycling 'grey water'. We save a further 2,600 litres per month as a result of careful water management. We also support local charities, food banks and small businesses with donations of high quality items that can be sold or given to those in need. Click here to learn more about what we at Word Ferret are doing to help the planet and fight the climate and nature emergency. Click here to learn more about what you can do to live more sustainably and help the planet.

  • Unsubscribe | Word Ferret

    Unsubscribe Thank you for letting us know that you prefer not to be contacted. We wish you the very best. Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Copywriting | Word Ferret

    You know your product inside out, upside down, and back to front. You know it’s the best product that’s ever existed in the long history of mankind. And you want your target audience—or the entire world—to know it too. But in an increasingly competitive marketplace, every other man and his dog is vying for the attention of your target audience. Which is why it’s vital that your business communication sets you apart from your competition. And that’s where Word Ferret comes in. Our customers benefit from a service that blends academic-level writing and editing with commercial experience in national and global sales and marketing. We’ll help you cut through the noise to reach your target audience with clear, polished copy that engages, motivates, increases interest, and inspires action in your audience. We’ll help you and your product stand out in all the right ways. Because good business copy can make your company’s reputation. Bad copy can break it. Businss sectors Proofreading Your document will be checked for errors in spelling, spacing, grammar, punctuation and syntax. We will highlight absent words and remove word duplications. We will check for consistency in the use of spelling, hyphenation, terminology, italicisation, numerals and capitalisation. We will not make suggestions regarding the rewording or reorganisation of the document; you need our copy editing service for that. This is the final stage that a document goes through, when all of the writing and editing has taken place and publication is just around the corner. Contact us Business Editing In addition to checking your document for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax, this service includes editing for structure, clarity and style. We will go through your document with a fine-tooth comb, highlighting any duplication, ambiguity or contradiction along the way. We'll make suggestions for alternative wording, text restructuring and small rewrites, and we'll evaluate language for cultural sensitivity. We will make sure that your document is aligned with your target audience, that the wording flows smoothly, and that your house style, quality and tone are maintained. Contact us In-Depth Business Editing Our in-depth business editing service takes our standard editing service to another level. It includes everything from our business editing service, so your document will be checked for errors in spelling and grammar, duplication, ambiguity and all that fun stuff, and it adds a seasoned business professional into the mix. Your content will be assessed for relevance, flow and alignment with your current business strategy and goals. Recommendations will focus on producing flawless content that strikes the right chord with your target audience, increases engagement and inspires action. Small suggested rewrites will be undertaken. An optional business communications review service is also recommended. ​ Contact us Copywriting Pick & Mix ​​We write lots of things, including those listed below. You can pick one of them or put together a package to suit your needs. If you need something specific that's not listed here, get in touch and let us know; we're here to help. ​ Case studies, 750-1,200 words. White papers, 2,000-3,000 words. Blog posts, up to 500 words. Social media posts, up to 300 words. Sales or Customer Service email sequences - Sequence of 4. Video scripts. Contact us

  • Buyer Behaviour has Changed | Word Ferret

    Buyer behaviour has changed. Have you? Sales lead generation and sales cycles have been impacted negatively since 2020, and this trend has continued, especially for startups and SMEs. We all know that a lot has happened in the world, but why has lead generation been affected? ​ We explain three core reasons in this video and have highlighted them in writing below. Audio-only track > Word Ferret Connect - Buyer Behaviour has Changed 1 00:00 / 06:45 Erosion of Trust Trust in the usual communication methods has eroded over time to the point that people are much more sensitive to contact by phone, email and, more recently, direct messaging through social networks. ​ The increased flood of automated messaging and untrustworthy or indistinguishably average or bad AI content has not helped. ​ How do you react when a withheld number tries to call you on your phone? Do you read and respond to every single email that you receive? Do you connect with everyone who sends a connection request through LinkedIn? ​ ​ How do your potential buyers react and what can you do to communicate with them? Information Overload In an increasingly competitive marketplace, every other man and his dog is vying for the attention of your target audience. ​ Why should they choose you? ​ ​ Information has never been so accessible to a buyer as it is now. It means that buyers are significantly more informed and as a result, this means that they can approach vendors at a later stage in the sales cycle. This also means that they will be able to shortlist vendors, so all other potential sellers will not even have a chance to put themselves forward. ​ How do you earn a place at their table? The Buyer Journey With subtle changes in decision-making practices, higher availability of information, erosion of trust in the various vehicles used for communication, the increased flood of automated messaging and untrustworthy or indistinguishably average or bad AI content, it's not surprising that the buyer journey has changed. ​ What can be done to better align with your buyer's journey? Adapting to the new world Building and earning trust is the key. Understanding your buyers, their journey and earning a place at their table are all key elements of adapting to the changes in the buyer's world. Once this is established, we will help you build the foundations for a trust-based omnichannel sales and marketing framework which will provide consistency, sustainability, scalability and growth. There are well over 23 different sales and marketing ways of helping buyers that we will explore for you, whittling them down to the best ones that align with your customers. ​ ​ The best thing about it all, we can empower you to do this yourselves, or outsource as necessary. You have the power to choose.

  • Research | Word Ferret

    These days, there is so much information available to us, especially online, and not all of it is accurate, up-to-date or written with our best interests at heart. There’s a lot of misinformation, stale information and simple nonsense out there, and sifting through it all can be time consuming and frustrating. It might be tempting, when putting together information for a blog post, press release or brochure, to simply include any information that you’ve seen repeated online or in print several times already; after all, if it was in the Guardian , on a well-known supplier’s website, and quoted by a hundred other people who seem to know what they’re talking about, it must be accurate, right? Unfortunately, misinformation is repeated just as much, in some cases much more often, that accurate information. And nonsense doesn’t become sensible because a hundred people repeated it. There is never any replacement for good, honest research. Research Matters You can trust us to ferret out the facts. All of our written work is based on sound research. Read our blog, As a Matter of Fact, Research Matters to Everyone A Few Things to Consider If you’re thinking of putting information out there without getting your facts straight first: Customers/readers may not be quite as willing to swallow nonsense as companies/writers are to inflict it upon them. You may pass on someone else’s misinformation in error, but it is still misinformation, and you’re still responsible for passing it on. Sameness won’t make you stand out. Repeating the same thing that every man and his dog has already said or written will result in you becoming one small voice in a large (potentially misinformed) crowd. Contact us Our Methods Wherever possible, we consult primary sources to ensure that the information we use is coming straight from the horse's mouth. When we do use secondary sources, we carry out checks to make sure that they are accurate and reliable. We do not use Wikipedia. We do not use ChatGPT or any other AI bot to generate information (please see below). Wherever possible, we include links or citations to information we use so that it can be verified. Whenever possible, we check multiple sources. Whilst factual accuracy is key, the content we create is always designed to increase audience engagement. Contact us Why We Don't Use AI You've probably heard all the hype about ChatGPT, about its abilities to put together accurate copy. Well, so did we, and we carried out our own research. There are a few posts on our blog about the unreliability of ChatGPT. The titles give some idea as to our findings! Click on the titles below to read them. ChatGPT Is Not as Clever as You Think; or, How to Write Like an Almost-Credible-Sounding Idiot ChatGPT Is Set to Get a Heck of a Lot More Stupid Would I Lie to You? - ChatGPT's Tenuous Relationship with Facts English as a Second Language If English is not your first language, and you need proofreading or editing services, we can help. We're all native English speakers here in the Word Ferret team, and we all have experience of working with non-native English speakers. We'll help you to communicate your message effectively and avoid embarrassing misunderstandings.

  • Terms & conditions | Word Ferret

    Word Ferret Terms & Conditions These are the terms and conditions used by Word Ferret (collectively referred to as 'Word Ferret', 'we', 'us' or 'our') for all contracts that we undertake. To avoid any potential misunderstandings, we’ve tried to keep them as straightforward as possible. When you ask us to carry out work for you, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If there are any aspects of these terms and conditions that you are unclear about, please contact us. We want our clients' experience of working with us to be smooth and productive, and we'd prefer that you flag any possible issues before work on a project begins. 1. What We Need From You ​ i. Before work can begin, the client must provide: ​ Confirmation of the specific service required; Your acceptance of our written quotation and our terms and conditions; Confirmation that you are authorised to commission the project; Any special requirements; The proposed time frame for project completion; Settlement of any pro-forma invoice. ​ In addition to the above, for our copywriting service the client must provide a detailed project brief. This must specify the following ​ The type of document required (blog post, article, white paper, etc.); The target audience of the document; The tone of the document; The scope of the document; The topics/headings to be included; The size (word count) of the document; The level of research required (will all information be provided by the client?); ​ ii. Once work has commenced, we need (from all clients): ​ Timely responses to any communication regarding your project; Immediate notification if your requirements change. ​ Failure to respond or notify us of any changes may negatively impact our ability to complete your project by the agreed deadline. ​ Trackable Changes: ALL changes made to the work in progress must be trackable. If the client makes edits to the document that are not trackable, this creates additional work for us and will incur extra charges for the client. In addition to this, the length of time needed to complete work on the project will increase, which will have a negative impact upon the agreed completion date. ​ 2. The Process For Our Copywriting Clients ​ i. The Draft Document Based on a detailed project brief, we will produce a draft document and forward this to the client for draft approval. Draft approval must take place before editing work begins. ​ ii. Draft Approval By approving the draft, the client is indicating that the document—in its current form and with its current contents—is in line with the project brief.* If, at this stage, the client wishes to make significant changes to the document that constitute a change to the original project brief, a new project brief and purchase order (or change order where appropriate) must be issued before work can continue. ​ * The draft is not the finished document and will undergo editing at the next stage, but at this point the client must indicate that the structure, tone, focus, scope and size of the document are in keeping with his/her requirements. What Constitutes a Significant Change? Examples of significant changes include (but are not limited to): ​ Tone of Voice​ Project brief: write a blog post aimed at a commercial audience. Change required: rewrite the document for a technical audience. A change in tone requires a complete rewrite. A complete rewrite requires a new project brief and will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required). ​ Focus​ Project brief: write a white paper that focuses on the benefits associated with using a specific product/service. Structure: introduction, current problem, current analysis, current solution, conclusion. Change required: rewrite the document to focus on the events which led up to the creation of the product/service. Structure: introduction, evolution of problem, analysis of historical problem, evolution of new solution, conclusion. A change in focus requires a complete rewrite. A complete rewrite requires a new project brief and will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required). ​ Reduction/Increase in Word Count​ Project brief: write a 5,000 word white paper. Change required: reduce document to 3,000 words. A dramatic reduction in word count requires a complete rewrite. A complete rewrite requires a new project brief and will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required). ​ Please note: Our fee is based on the number of words we deliver, not the number of words published by the client. For Example: ​ Project brief: write a 1,000 word blog post. Words delivered: 1,000 Upon delivery: client requests that we reduce word count to 500. Charge: 1,000 words + rewriting/editing cost (based on level of work involved) to reduce count to 500. ​ Project brief: write a 3,000 word white paper. Words delivered: 3,000 words Upon delivery: client edits document to reduce or increase word count. Charge: 3,000 words. Additional Research Project brief: no research required as all information will be provided by the client. Change required: Research by us will be required. If the requirement that we carry out research was not included in the original brief, it will not have been included in our fee. Carrying out research takes time and will affect the completion date of the project; it also incurs extra cost (based on the level of work required). ​ iii. The Editing Stage Following draft approval, editing will begin. Editing within the scope of the project brief is included in the agreed fee. The client will make suggestions for changes—word changes, sentence restructuring, deletion, addition, etc. (excluding significant changes, please see section 2. ii., ‘What Constitutes a Significant Change?’)—and we will carry out the required edits to the document. We will then return the document to the client for approval. If, after editing has begun, the client wishes to make significant changes to the document (see section 2. ii., ‘What Constitutes a Significant Change?’), a new project brief and purchase order (or change order where appropriate) must be issued before work can continue. A significant change will require a complete rewrite, and this will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required). ​ iv. Client Input Throughout the Process Once the editing process begins, the client will be able to add comments and suggestions to the work in progress at any time using Google Docs (see Section 1. ii., 'Trackable Changes'). Editing reviews can also take place via telephone, conference call or email. ​ v. Project Completion Date Before work begins on the project, a completion date will be agreed. It is the responsibility of the client to calculate the amount of time required for completion of processes within his/her organisation (eg., approval times) before agreeing a realistic completion date with us. We will not begin work until a project brief and purchase order have been received, and this should also be taken into account when calculating the project completion date. If a delay is experienced within the client’s organisation, the completion date will be affected. Once work has begun on the project, any significant change in the client’s requirements (see section 2. ii., ‘What Constitutes a Significant Change?’) will affect its completion date. If delays occur within the client’s organisation, but project completion is a matter of urgency, we will attempt to meet the deadline, but this will incur an additional cost. Our usual working days are Monday to Friday (excluding UK bank holidays). If required to carry out emergency work, our rush rates are: Weekend=quoted daily rate + 100%. Weekday=quoted daily rate + 50%. Meeting the original completion date is not guaranteed and will depend upon our availability at the time. It will also depend upon the client's ability to respond quickly. ​ 3. What you can expect from us ​ A quotation setting out the cost of your chosen service in clear terms (valid for 28 days from receipt via email); A statement of work detailing your requirements for your authorisation; Completion of any editing, proofreading, writing or other service to the high standard described within this website; Completion of your project by the deadline we have agreed with you;** Completion of your project in British English as standard (if you require US English, please let us know); Confidentiality (we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement); *** For our copy editing clients, the re-editing of parts of your work that you have changed as a direct result of our editing and suggestions. **** ** If a delay is experienced on the client’s side, the completion date will need to be adjusted. In the unlikely event that circumstances on our side prevent completion by the agreed date, we will communicate with you as soon as possible. Word Ferret will not be held liable for any loss or damages to any party as a result of missing a deadline. ​ *** We may, on this website or for marketing purposes, make reference to work we complete for you. Such general references will never include any personally identifiable information about you or your project unless you have given your prior permission. ​ **** This is based on us re-editing a reasonable amount of work and is at our discretion. We will need you to highlight the changes you have made before you return your project to us. Return to us for re-editing must take place within 14 days of receipt of the copy. Further amendments will incur additional fees, for which a new quotation and statement of work will be provided. ​ 4. Payment terms Projects costing up to £500 require payment in full before work starts. This is non-refundable. ​ Projects costing between £501 and £2,500 require a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of work. The balance must be paid within 7 days of the submission of the final draft. A final invoice will accompany the final draft. For projects with a cost greater than £2,500, we will discuss staggered payment milestones. ​ Late payment fees will be subject to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act (1998) . ​ We accept payment by BACS or PayPal. * ​ We do not accept cheques/checks. ​ * Clients are responsible for covering the additional cost of using Paypal. Paypal's current charges for domestic and international transactions can be found here . ​ 5. International payments and fees International clients are responsible for covering all additional currency conversion fees to Word Ferret. ​ For bank transfers to our Lloyds Bank account, the fees are as follows (correct as of 23rd September 2022): * ​ Payment in euro received from within the UK, EEA or via SEPA Credit Transfer - no fee. All other payments up to and including £100 - the fee is £2. All other payments over £100 - the fee is £7. ​ For PayPal, international transaction fees can be found here. ​ Please note that international clients may be subject to additional transaction fees from their own bank or from PayPal. 6. Copyright and ownership ​ Once the project has been completed and paid in full, the client holds the copyright to the finished work. ​ 7. Errors Whilst we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a professional and thorough proofreading/editing/writing service, we are mere human beings and cannot guarantee that every project will be entirely free of errors. While such errors are extremely unlikely - after all, we want you to love our work and return to us time and time again - Word Ferret will not be held liable for any problems, loss or damages to any party as a result of an error occurring. ​ 8. Disclaimer of responsibility and limitations of liability Word Ferret, its employees, contractors or associated businesses are not liable for claims for damages of any kind, including loss of revenue or profits, or for any claim made as a result of errors, omissions, mistakes or inaccuracies appearing on this website or in documents that we have edited or services that we have provided. ​ The client is responsible for providing accurate personal information and payment details. The client is also responsible for providing accurate information regarding every aspect of the project itself. Failure to provide accurate information could result in a refusal to provide service. The client assumes all responsibility for any problems or issues resulting from the provision of false information. ​ The client assumes all responsibility for making sure that copy submitted to Word Ferret does not contain plagiarism or infringe another party's copyright. 9. Right to refuse service Word Ferret reserves the right to refuse to proofread, edit or index any documents, or provide written material, that may be considered illegal, dangerous, unethical, or immoral. ​ Word Ferret will not enter into any contract with any party who seeks to promote Brexit or the Conservative Party. ​ 10. Cancelling work and pausing projects ​ Word Ferret's aim is to meet or exceed your expectations. However, if you are unhappy with the direction your project has taken after work has begun, we will put every effort into addressing your concerns. If our joint efforts fail to bear fruit, and you feel the need to cancel, we will bill you for the work done to date, and we will cancel the order without prejudice. ​ Please note that deposits are non-refundable. If the client fails to communicate with Word Ferret within 21 days of paying the deposit, the project will be cancelled automatically. If the client fails to respond in a timely manner, and that failure has a negative impact on agreed, scheduled milestones, the project will be put on hold. The project will then be rescheduled, dependent on current workload and availability. 11. Subcontracting Where appropriate, Word Ferret will subcontract proofreading and basic copy editing projects to vetted, trusted contractors. Word Ferret will remain the project and account manager for the project. ​ 12. Disputes We will put our heart and soul into making sure that your experience with us is a pleasant one. However, in the unlikely event that a dispute arises which cannot be resolved by other means, all parties will submit any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. ​ 13. Contacting Word Ferret We provide a contact form, contact email address, telephone number and WhatsApp for use by individuals who wish to discuss Word Ferret or the services we provide. We will not respond to messages which do not relate directly to Word Ferret, the content of this website or the services that are offered within it. ​ When Nezu Press is open to submissions, details and contact options will be posted on the Nezu Press page. Outside of open submission periods, we do not accept manuscripts of any sort. If you attempt to submit outside of the specified times, your work will not be read, and your name will be placed on our list of writers who do not follow guidelines, which will negatively impact our willingness to work with you in the future.. ​ If you have any questions about any of the above, the Word Ferret team is happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. Please drop us a line at or give us a call.

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    'When it comes to copy editing, proofreading and copywriting, we're the best thing since sliced bread,' we tell you. 'We are the bees knees and all that,' we explain enthusiastically. And, understandably, you look at us sideways and ask, 'but how do I know you're as marvellously wonderful as you say you are?' Well, don't just take our word for it. Step right up and sample our wares. We offer here a selection of our written works to give you a taste of what we do. After all, they do say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so have a nibble and see for yourself. Samples will be added from time to time, so do check back to see what's new. Samples of Our Work Getting to Know You Why Voice of the Customer Matters How genuinely listening to and getting to know your customers can help you improve your company, product, service and brand. Read PDF Read on blog History to Get Your Teeth Into An article about the history of dental prosthetics - false teeth to be exact - that first appeared in Andon , the journal of the Society for Japanese Arts Read PDF Being Human Why We Don't Use AI An article explaining why we don’t use AI in our work here at Word Ferret and, in addition, why we’re not afraid that we’ll be obsolete by the end of next week. Read PDF Read on blog First Sentences Are Doors to Worlds Why Opening Lines Matter. With suggestions to help you write an opening paragraph that hooks your readers and keeps them reading. Read PDF Read on blog M. P. Dare: Antiquary, Writer... & Book Thief It sometimes happens that a writer is just as interesting as his writing or, in some cases, even more so. This is the case with Marcus Paul Dare, who had a penchant for pilfering books. Read PDF Read on Haunted Library blog ChatGPT Is Not as Clever as You Think Convincing nonsense, fabricated facts, repeated inconsistencies and flat, boring writing. How ChatGPT fails to live up to the hype. Read PDF Read on blog Jack & Mary Hillier as I Remember Them A very personal tribute to two exceptional individuals. This first appeared in Andon , the journal of the Society for Japanese Arts. Read PDF Are You Ready for EU GMP Annex 1? An article concerning EU GMP Annex 1 “Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products” and the approaching deadline for compliance. ​ Written for PNR Pharma. Read PDF Beautiful Blackened Smiles An article about the history and process of ohaguro (teeth blackening) in Japan. This first appeared in Andon , the journal of the Society for Japanese Arts. Read PDF Sling Your Knickers on the Compost Heap Or, Easy Ways to Live More Sustainably. Ten things you can do to help the planet & fight the climate and nature emergency Read PDF Read on blog The Devil’s Hoofprints An account of strange goings on that took place in Devonshire in 1855, when locals awoke to find mysterious hoofmarks in the snow. Read PDF Read on Haunted Library blog

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    Personal message for Steve Reynolds ValGenesis of ValGenesis audio sample Artist Name 00:00 / 02:14 Audio-only track Download the transript here I’m a former colleague of Joe Farrell, having worked with him in senior sales roles at Systech and Loftware. I’m very interested in ValGenesis and would like to put my business forward to you in support of your growth, specifically targeting senior validation, quality, and IT stakeholders in life sciences. ​ After thirty-four years in sales and marketing, including fourteen in SaaS and services for life sciences, I co-founded a business communications business that empowers sales and marketing teams, and transforms lead generation with two core services: ​ Connect VMS - A unique lead generation enablement service that delivers a human, hyper-personalized approach to prospecting that combines prospect and market research, video messaging, professional writing, and expert content, all in a branded landing page, and backed by sales and marketing operations services. ​ Professional research and copywriting services—Medidata, a $687.6 Million company, are one of our customers, and we’ve also supported a validation and quality services company in your sector. ​ ​ To give you a flavor of how Connect VMS can be used, I’ve created a sample landing page for you. It includes a 2-minute role-play video outreach from ValGenysis to Sponsor Pharma, a fictitious prospect. The video itself is shown below. ​ I hope I've piqued your interest—would you be open to a mutual discovery call? I could share insights that may be helpful for you. My calendar is here if you'd like to compare schedules. ​ Kind regards, Ray Hi, Steve. Ray Collia Co-founder and Partner Word Ferret Connect Direct Dial or WhatsApp +44 7789 721821 Email Role Play: ValGenesis Outreach to Sample Pharma The video message is part of a role-played sample landing page that contains a personalized message, examples of hand-picked content, links, and a call to action (CTA). ​ Please click here to see it. Supporting Information for ValGenesis Words Have Power . We are professional researchers and copywriters with decades of experience in life sciences services and solutions. ​ We specialize in aligning messaging with your specific stakeholders, and have real-world experience working with senior validation, quality, and IT stakeholders from SMEs to top 5 pharma in the pharma industry. ​ Click on the images to the right be taken to the live websites for these blogs. Word Ferret Connect VMS . Connect VMS is a unique service that provides branded landing pages like this one, combining personalised written and video messaging, with links/downloads for content that is relevant to the buyer. This builds trust and credibility via personalised, authentic, human outreach. It gives the buyer access to information, expertise, and case studies (if available), and it has messaging that is thoughtfully aligned with their buyer journey and needs. The service offers a unique multi-media platform for success, combined with sales and marketing operations services, professional research, and professional copywriting services. Word Ferret Connect VMS connects you with people in a human way that is meaningful to your buyers—personally, intellectually, and emotionally. Life Sciences Experience One of our specialist areas is life sciences. We have more than fourteen years' business experience in solutions for the pharma and medical device sectors, including clinical trials. One of our founders, Ray Collia, is an international speaker, round table and event chairperson, and patient and site evangelist in this sector. He was on the steering committee for the Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group between 2016 and 2023. Click here to see our areas of experience.

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