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Connect VM

Voice Messaging Service

The end-to-end personalised video messaging and landing page service

How would you like 2 minutes of your prospect's attention without a scheduled meeting?

With Word Ferret Connect VM, you can have this with minimum effort, and maximum impact, delivering a new experience that connects with your prospect's needs and brings them value, not just another cold reach-out. Connect VM addresses the three core challenges in lead/demand generation by building trust, enabling buyer-centric practices, and aligning with buyer behaviour.

You'll achieve much better outreach results and have contact and research data that supercharges your sales and marketing operations.

For your sales team, it's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

Connect VMS preparation_edited.jpg

1. Preparation.


Tell us who you want to reach and what you want to say.


We'll carry out extra research, brief you, and set up landing pages based on what you provide.

Connect VMS  recording

2. Record a 2-minute video.


Record a 2-minute video message, or we can record it for you. You can use the landing page as a guide to what you can say.

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3. Results.


We'll do the rest... editing, sending, follow-ups, and CRM data entry. Responses will come straight to you.

What your prospects see - your Connect VM Landing Page

Sample landing page
Sample landing page

Unique landing page, set up on your site or our platform. This provides continuity and accessibility for your prospect and maintains branding, control, and visibility for you.

A friendly, personal video message that is 1-2 minutes long or a longer demo of your product or service. Audio-only and transcript included too.

Contains prospect information from research that we provide for you.

Brief introduction that includes specific information relevant to your prospect, brief details of your solution that aligns with their needs, and a 'call to action'.

Empower your prospect with relevant information and thought leadership.

Provide downloadable or clickable content that is relevant to the prospect and their buyer journey.

High level information about your business that is relevant and of interest to the prospect.

A call to action (CTA) button - contact us or schedule a call.

Outreach methods

Cold outreach

Option 1.

The Cold Outreach Method

This is an ideal choice when there are opportunities that require urgent attention. An example would be a perfect prospect that you need to connect with who is starting a clinical trial in 6 months. When you need to have spoken to them yesterday, but don't have time to set up your sales and marketing operations properly. this is a viable option.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • It's quick to implement, with very little preparation.

  • It has a higher conversion rate than traditional outreach.

  • It's a personal, human approach.

On the other hand, this is not a sustainable, repeatable, scalable process, and is nowhere near as effective as the Network—Nurture—Convert method. You need to bear this in mind when choosing the right option for you.

The Network—Nurture—Convert Method

Option 2.

The Network—Nurture—Convert Method


This method has a significantly higher conversion rate than the Cold Outreach method.

Network—Nurture—Convert is a strategy and methodology that creates consistent, sustainable, scalable growth.

It’s best rolled out as part of an ongoing omnichannel sales and marketing campaign.

It builds trust, positions you as a thought leader, empowers your prospects, and aligns you with your prospect's buyer journey.

This takes longer to get started, but you will be rewarded!

Instead of spending 20 years with limited growth, you will be putting your business on a firm footing with an ongoing strategy that will lead to the type of growth you deserve.

The four ways to connect

Connect VM

Mass Outreach

A single video is sent to everyone.

Best for campaigns of 500+ prospects.

You're in a rush and need to send a message out to many people. Connect Mass Outreach enables you to send the same video message to as many people as you wish.

Each prospect's landing page will have a unique URL. The written message below the video will be personlaised.


Connect VM


Unique videos, recorded for each prospect.

Best for focused outreach to key prospects - typically 50-100, but can be 100s.

Can even be  just one outreach!

1-2-1 hyper-personalised vdieo messaging, landing pages, and outreach text for emails of other messaging.


Your team records short messages, and then we wrap our service around the videos (see below), delivering a hyper-personalised experience for your prospects.


Connect VM

Unique videos, recorded for each prospect.

Best for focused outreach to key prospects - typically 50-100, but can be 100s.

Can even be  just one outreach!

If you want Basic Connect VM, but prefer that we record the 1-2-1 video messages on your behalf, then the Bsic+ Connect VM service is for you.

If your company is a life sciences, technology, or supply chain business, you will be able to leverage our decades of expertise in these sectors.



Available for any of the Connect VM services

Supercharge your Connect VM servivce!

We will coach you in our Network, Nurture, Convert method described above.

Connect VM is powerful, but pales in comparison to applying the Network, Nurture, Convert method, espcially when deployed as part of an omni-channel sales and marketing campaign.

Network Connect also adds advanced research, sales operations, and automation services.

In the background, this is what we do:

Connect VMS prep

Step 1


We will work with you to:

  • Identify your audience, voice, and messaging

  • Research and collect prospect and market data

  • Sales operations - CRM and any other integrations

  • Create a prospect list

  • Select content to be shared

  • Decide where the landing pages will be hosted (on your site or our platform)

Connect VMS recording

Step 2

Record videos

  • Decide who will record video messages

  • Record the  messages

We will:

  • Create edited videos that will include:

  • Prospect content (web page, news, etc.)

  • Lower thirds (name, job title, and company that appears at the bottonm of the video)

  • Intro/outro screens.

Connect VMS outreach

Step 3


  • For automated email outreach and follow ups, we can manage this for you. 

  • For LinkedIn or email messaging and follow ups managed by yourselves, we provide guidance and full or partial message content.

Connect VMS Analysis

Step 4

Analysis and reporting

  • Analysis and reporting is available through your own analytics if the landing page is on your website (live data).

  • Or, on-demand reporting from our platform.

Core services and content for

Connect VMS Mass Outreach, Basic, and Basic+

  • Video recorded by your team or ours

  • Landing page set up and design

  • Edited video message (Intro, titles, outro)

  • Aligned client/vendor messaging

  • Basic research (advanced research is optional)

  • Email/LinkedIn intro text

  • Email/LinkedIn intro text

  • Thumbnail image of the video for emails

  • Prospect data management

  • Links and buttons for downloadable docs

  • Unique URL

  • Video messaging coaching

Optional extras

  • Expanded professional research

  • Subtitles

  • Transcription

  • Animated logo and audio sting for the intro

  • Professional copywriting/content

  • Audio-only feature

Omnichannel sales and marketing

Take Your Business to the Next Level - Multi-channel/Omnichannel Sales and Marketing

Video messaging is just one of 25+ ways businesses can align themselves with buyers--the omnichannel sales and marketing approach.

This approach provides consistent, sustainable, and scalable growth.

We have significant, real-world experience in sales and marketing, growing a business from the brink of bankruptcy into a market leader, working with governments and signing eight-figure SaaS contracts with several of the largest companies in the world. We can share our experience and expertise to help you become self-sufficient and successful through coaching and mentoring.


Contact us to learn more.

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