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The Word Ferret team is here to help you with all of your writing, editing, research and publishing needs. We also provide Voice of the Customer services.

With a meticulous eye for detail, we edit articles, manuscripts, catalogues, reports, websites, blog posts, and so much more. If you have the bare bones of an idea, we’ll help you to flesh it out. If you have an overweight manuscript that needs to lose several pounds, we’ll help you to trim it down to size. We offer a range of services, from a simple read-through to a complete rewrite. And we can publish your book, guide or report; we offer a range of publishing services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.
Word Ferret business publishing

Our Services

Word Ferret - Services for Writers and Publishers

We offer a range of friendly services tailored to meet your needs. If you have a manuscript, article, document, essay, presentation, guide, website or blog post that needs work, from a light polish to a complete makeover, we're here to help.

Word Ferret business publishing

Take decades of experience in academic research, writing and editing. Mix in more than three decades' experience in international sales and marketing within a multitude of industry sectors. Then add seventeen years' publishing experience. The result is Countisbury Publishing, our business publishing imprint.

Word Ferret - Business services

Our business customers benefit from a service that blends academic-level editing and writing with commercial experience in national and global sales and marketing. We produce all types of business copy, including marketing material, reports, blog posts, website content, manuals and so much more. We also provide SEO optimisation.

Word Ferret - Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer/Patient Voice methodologies can have a significantly positive impact on businesses at almost every level. We carry out research and interviews and produce the necessary written copy, email sequences, transcripts, articles, etc., to make your VoC campaign successful.

Specialist Areas

We carry out work in a wide range of disciplines.

We edit both fiction and non-fiction. In fiction, we specialise in supernatural, weird, horror, detective/crime/mystery, science fiction, and historical fiction. In non-fiction, we specialise in Japanese art and history, European history, art, history of art, and literature.


We offer a bespoke business service that is project managed by a business professional who has more than thirty years of experience in national and global sales and marketing.

Whatever your project, it's safe in our hands.

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