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Word Ferret Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions used by Word Ferret (collectively referred to as 'Word Ferret', 'we', 'us' or 'our') for all contracts that we undertake. To avoid any potential misunderstandings, we’ve tried to keep them as straightforward as possible. When you ask us to carry out work for you, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
If there are any aspects of these terms and conditions that you are unclear about, please contact us. We want our clients' experience of working with us to be smooth and productive, and we'd prefer that you flag any possible issues before work on a project begins.
Word Ferret - Terms and Conditions

1. What We Need From You

i. Before work can begin, the client must provide:

  • Confirmation of the specific service required;

  • Your acceptance of our written quotation and our terms and conditions;

  • Confirmation that you are authorised to commission the project; 

  • Any special requirements;

  • The proposed time frame for project completion;

  • Settlement of any pro-forma invoice.

In addition to the above, for our copywriting service the client must provide a detailed project brief. This must specify the following

  • The type of document required (blog post, article, white paper, etc.);

  • The target audience of the document;

  • The tone of the document;

  • The scope of the document;

  • The topics/headings to be included;

  • The size (word count) of the document;

  • The level of research required (will all information be provided by the client?);

ii. Once work has commenced, we need (from all clients):

  • Timely responses to any communication regarding your project;

  • Immediate notification if your requirements change.

Failure to respond or notify us of any changes may negatively impact our ability to complete your project by the agreed deadline.

Trackable Changes: ALL changes made to the work in progress must be trackable.  If the client makes edits to the document that are not trackable, this creates additional work for us and will incur extra charges for the client. In addition to this, the length of time needed to complete work on the project will increase, which will have a negative impact upon the agreed completion date. 

2. The Process For Our Copywriting Clients

i. The Draft Document

Based on a detailed project brief, we will produce a draft document and forward this to the client for draft approval. Draft approval must take place before editing work begins.

ii. Draft Approval
By approving the draft, the client is indicating that the document—in its current form and with its current contents—is in line with the project brief.* If, at this stage, the client wishes to make significant changes to the document that constitute a change to the original project brief, a new project brief and purchase order (or change order where appropriate) must be issued before work can continue. 

* The draft is not the finished document and will undergo editing at the next stage, but at this point the client must indicate that the structure, tone, focus, scope and size of the document are in keeping with his/her requirements.

What Constitutes a Significant Change?

Examples of significant changes include (but are not limited to):

Tone of Voice​

Project brief: write a blog post aimed at a commercial audience. 
Change required: rewrite the document for a technical audience.  

A change in tone requires a complete rewrite. A complete rewrite requires a new project brief and will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required).


Project brief: write a white paper that focuses on the benefits associated with using a specific product/service. Structure: introduction, current problem, current analysis, current solution, conclusion.
Change required: rewrite the document to focus on the events which led up to the creation of the product/service. Structure: introduction, evolution of problem, analysis of historical problem, evolution of new solution, conclusion.

A change in focus requires a complete rewrite. A complete rewrite requires a new project brief and will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required).

Reduction/Increase in Word Count​

Project brief: write a 5,000 word white paper.
Change required: reduce document to 3,000 words.

A dramatic reduction in word count requires a complete rewrite. A complete rewrite requires a new project brief and will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required).

Please note: Our fee is based on the number of words we deliver, not the number of words published by the client. 


For Example:

Project brief: write a 1,000 word blog post.

Words delivered: 1,000

Upon delivery: client requests that we reduce word count to 500.

Charge: 1,000 words + rewriting/editing cost (based on level of work involved) to reduce count to 500.

Project brief: write a 3,000 word white paper.

Words delivered: 3,000 words

Upon delivery: client edits document to reduce or increase word count.

Charge: 3,000 words.

Additional Research

Project brief: no research required as all information will be provided by the client.
Change required: Research by us will be required.

If the requirement that we carry out research was not included in the original brief, it will not have been included in our fee. Carrying out research takes time and will affect the completion date of the project; it also incurs extra cost (based on the level of work required).

iii. The Editing Stage

Following draft approval, editing will begin.

Editing within the scope of the project brief is included in the agreed fee. The client will make suggestions for changes—word changes, sentence restructuring, deletion, addition, etc. (excluding significant changes, please see section 2. ii., ‘What Constitutes a Significant Change?’)—and we will carry out the required edits to the document. We will then return the document to the client for approval.

If, after editing has begun, the client wishes to make significant changes to the document (see section 2. ii., ‘What Constitutes a Significant Change?’), a new project brief and purchase order (or change order where appropriate) must be issued before work can continue. A significant change will require a complete rewrite, and this will incur additional costs (based on the level of work required).

iv. Client Input Throughout the Process


Once the editing process begins, the client will be able to add comments and suggestions to the work in progress at any time using Google Docs (see Section 1. ii., 'Trackable Changes'). Editing reviews can also take place via telephone, conference call or email.

v. Project Completion Date


Before work begins on the project, a completion date will be agreed. It is the responsibility of the client to calculate the amount of time required for completion of processes within his/her organisation (eg., approval times) before agreeing a realistic completion date with us. We will not begin work until a project brief and purchase order have been received, and this should also be taken into account when calculating the project completion date. 


If a delay is experienced within the client’s organisation, the completion date will be affected.


Once work has begun on the project, any significant change in the client’s requirements (see section 2. ii., ‘What Constitutes a Significant Change?’) will affect its completion date. 


If delays occur within the client’s organisation, but project completion is a matter of urgency, we will attempt to meet the deadline, but this will incur an additional cost. Our usual working days are Monday to Friday (excluding UK bank holidays). If required to carry out emergency work, our rush rates are:

Weekend=quoted daily rate + 100%.

Weekday=quoted daily rate + 50%.

Meeting the original completion date is not guaranteed and will depend upon our availability at the time. It will also depend upon the client's ability to respond quickly.

3. What you can expect from us

  • A quotation setting out the cost of your chosen service in clear terms (valid for 28 days from receipt via email); 

  • A statement of work detailing your requirements for your authorisation;

  • Completion of any editing, proofreading, writing or other service to the high standard described within this website;

  • Completion of your project by the deadline we have agreed with you;**

  • Completion of your project in British English as standard (if you require US English, please let us know);

  • Confidentiality (we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement); ***

  • For our copy editing clients, the re-editing of parts of your work that you have changed as a direct result of our editing and suggestions. ****


** If a delay is experienced on the client’s side, the completion date will need to be adjusted. In the unlikely event that circumstances on our side prevent completion by the agreed date, we will communicate with you as soon as possible. Word Ferret will not be held liable for any loss or damages to any party as a result of missing a deadline.

*** We may, on this website or for marketing purposes, make reference to work we complete for you. Such general references will never include any personally identifiable information about you or your project unless you have given your prior permission.

**** This is based on us re-editing a reasonable amount of work and is at our discretion. We will need you to highlight the changes you have made before you return your project to us. Return to us for re-editing must take place within 14 days of receipt of the copy. Further amendments will incur additional fees, for which a new quotation and statement of work will be provided.

4. Payment terms

Projects costing up to £500 require payment in full before work starts. This is non-refundable.

Projects costing between £501 and £2,500 require a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of work. The balance must be paid within 7 days of the submission of the final draft. A final invoice will accompany the final draft.


For projects with a cost greater than £2,500, we will discuss staggered payment milestones.

Late payment fees will be subject to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act (1998).

We accept payment by BACS or PayPal. *

We do not accept cheques/checks.

* Clients are responsible for covering the additional cost of using Paypal. Paypal's current charges for domestic and international transactions can be found here.

5. International payments and fees

International clients are responsible for covering all additional currency conversion fees to Word Ferret.

For bank transfers to our Lloyds Bank account, the fees are as follows (correct as of 23rd September 2022): *

  • Payment in euro received from within the UK, EEA or via SEPA Credit Transfer - no fee.

  • All other payments up to and including £100 - the fee is £2.

  • All other payments over £100 - the fee is £7.

For PayPal, international transaction fees can be found here.

Please note that international clients may be subject to additional transaction fees from their own bank or from PayPal. 

6. Copyright and ownership

Once the project has been completed and paid in full, the client holds the copyright to the finished work. 

7. Errors

Whilst we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a professional and thorough proofreading/editing/writing service, we are mere human beings and cannot guarantee that every project will be entirely free of errors. While such errors are extremely unlikely - after all, we want you to love our work and return to us time and time again - Word Ferret will not be held liable for any problems, loss or damages to any party as a result of an error occurring.

8. Disclaimer of responsibility and limitations of liability


Word Ferret, its employees, contractors or associated businesses are not liable for claims for damages of any kind, including loss of revenue or profits, or for any claim made as a result of errors, omissions, mistakes or inaccuracies appearing on this website or in documents that we have edited or services that we have provided.

The client is responsible for providing accurate personal information and payment details. The client is also responsible for providing accurate information regarding every aspect of the project itself. Failure to provide accurate information could result in a refusal to provide service. The client assumes all responsibility for any problems or issues resulting from the provision of false information.

The client assumes all responsibility for making sure that copy submitted to Word Ferret does not contain plagiarism or infringe another party's copyright.


9. Right to refuse service


Word Ferret reserves the right to refuse to proofread, edit or index any documents, or provide written material, that may be considered illegal, dangerous, unethical, or immoral. 

Word Ferret will not enter into any contract with any party who seeks to promote Brexit or the Conservative Party.

10. Cancelling work and pausing projects

Word Ferret's aim is to meet or exceed your expectations. However, if  you are unhappy with the direction your project has taken after work has begun, we will put every effort into addressing your concerns. If  our joint efforts fail to bear fruit, and you feel the need to cancel, we will bill you for the work done to date, and we will cancel the order without prejudice.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable.


If the client fails to communicate with Word Ferret within 21 days of paying the deposit, the project will be cancelled automatically.


If the client fails to respond in a timely manner, and that failure has a negative impact on agreed, scheduled milestones, the project will be put on hold. The project will then be rescheduled, dependent on current workload and availability.


11. Subcontracting

Where appropriate, Word Ferret will subcontract proofreading and basic copy editing projects to vetted, trusted contractors. Word Ferret will remain the project and account manager for the project. 

12. Disputes

We will put our heart and soul into making sure that your experience with us is a pleasant one. However, in the unlikely event that a dispute arises which cannot be resolved by other means, all parties will submit any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

13. Contacting Word Ferret

We provide a contact form, contact email address, telephone number and WhatsApp for use by individuals who wish to discuss Word Ferret or the services we provide. We will not respond to messages which do not relate directly to Word Ferret, the content of this website or the services that are offered within it. 

When Nezu Press is open to submissions, details and contact options will be posted on the Nezu Press page. Outside of open submission periods, we do not accept manuscripts of any sort. If you attempt to submit outside of the specified times, your work will not be read, and your name will be placed on our list of writers who do not follow guidelines, which will negatively impact our willingness to work with you in the future..

If you have any questions about any of the above, the Word Ferret team is happy to answer any questions or address any concerns. Please drop us a line at or give us a call.

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