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Word Ferret technology experience
Technology Experience

We have 18+ years of software experience, selling Enterprise SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning across multiple industries.

One of our founders, Ray Collia, is an international speaker, round table and event chairperson, and has held VP Sales and Marketing, Head of Commercial, and other senior sales positions for decades.

Having signed eight-figure contracts with several of the largest companies in the world, Ray's understanding of aligning communication with customer needs and expectations is extensive.
List of technologies
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance

  • AI/ML/advanced algorithms

  • Analytics

  • Audit trails

  • Cloud – single/multi/network tenant

  • Configurable solutions

  • Consultancy

  • Data repositories

  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

  • Governance

  • GxP based implementation

  • Integration apps with multiple enterprise systems

  • Master data integration and management

  • Process automation

  • Project management

  • Real-time data analytics

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Security

  • Services

  • Strategic Alliances

  • Support

  • Training

  • Workflows

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