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Buyer behaviour has changed. Have you?

Sales lead generation and even sales cycles have been massively impacted since 2020 and have become increasingly worse, especially for startups and SMEs. We all know a lot has happened in the world, but what are the specific reasons that affect lead generation?

We explain three core reasons in this video and have highlighted them in writing below.

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Erosion of trust

Erosion of trust

Trust in the usual communication methods has eroded over time to the point that people, in general, are much more sensitive to contact by phone, email and, more recently, direct messaging through social networks.

The increased flood of automated messaging and untrustworthy or indistinguishably average or bad AI content has not helped.

  • How do you react when a withheld number tries to call you on your phone?

  • Do you read and respond to every single email that you receive?

  • Do you connect with everyone who sends a connection request through LinkedIn?

How do your potential buyers react and what can you do to communicate with them?


Information Accessibility

Information has never been so accessible to a buyer as it is now. It means that buyers are significantly more informed and as a result, this means that they can approach vendors at a later stage in the sales cycle. This also means that they will be able to shortlist vendors, so all other potential sellers will not even have a chance to put themselves forward.

How do you earn a place at their table?

Buyer journey

The buyer journey

With subtle changes in decision-making practices, higher availability of information, erosion of trust in the various vehicles used for communication, the increased flood of automated messaging and untrustworthy or indistinguishably average or bad AI content, it's not surprising that the buyer journey has changed.

What can be done to better align with your buyer's journey?


Adapting to the new world.

Building and earning trust is the key. Understanding your buyers, their journey and earning a place at their table are all key elements of adapting to the changes in the buyer's world. Once this is established, we will help you build the foundations for a trust-based omnichannel sales and marketing framework which will provide consistency, sustainability, scalability and growth. There are well over 23 different sales and marketing ways of helping buyers that we will explore for you, whittling them down to the best ones that align with your customers.

The best thing about it all, we empower you to do this yourselves, or outsource as necessary. You have the power to choose.

What we do to help you

Barriers to salrs

1. Help you to understand the barriers to your sales

You need to understand the challenges you are facing. What are all the barriers that exist that impact on your business?

Buey behaviour

2. Helping you to adapt

We will share the principles of aligning with buyer behaviour, turning what appears

to be real disadvantages into advantages for you.

Preparation and alignment

3. Preparation, alignment and implementation.

We can coach and guide you to actively prepare, closely align you with your buyer's journeys and implement what you've learned,  making it part of your business DNA.


This is critical and makes the difference between going in circles for years or actually forging ahead and growing your business.

Omnichannel sales and marketing

4. Multi-channel/Omnichannel sales and marketing

With the foundations in place, there are 25+ ways that you can align yourself with your buyers--the omnichannel sales and marketing approach. 

This provides consistent, sustainable, and scalable growth.

We have significant real-world experience in sales and marketing, growing businesses from the brink of bankruptcy into a market leader, working with governments and several of the largest companies in the world, and signing eight-figure SaaS contracts. We can share our experience and expertise to help you become self-sufficient and successful through coaching and mentoring.


Contact us to learn more.

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