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How would you like two minutes of your prospect's attention...

without a scheduled meeting?

Build trust and credibility through personalised, authentic, human outreach, give buyers access to expertise and information, and thoughtfully align with your buyer's

journey and needs.

Business Development

From just

£4 per prospect*

*Set-up fee applies

The Problem

Generating new leads has become increasingly difficult during recent years. Many tried and tested outreach methods fail so often that even 5%-15% open rates for emails—these are not even sales conversion rates—are accepted as normal now. Direct messaging through social media networks is starting to go that way too, and it's harder to reach prospects by 'phone.

'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.'

Despite this, most people keep doing the same thing, day in, day out, because it used to work years ago, and they don't know what else to do.


Information has never been more accessible to buyers than it is now. They are significantly more informed—they are spoilt for choice. And at the same time, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they have come to mistrust many traditional outreach methods from vendors. 

This has resulted in a shift in their behaviour throughout their 'buyer journey'. According to analysts and specialists, a human approach is now favoured by most buyers.

The Solution

Vendors need a new approach. They need

Word Ferret Connect VMS.

Connect VMS is a unique service that provides branded landing pages that combine personalised written and video messaging, with links/downloads for content that is relevant to the buyer.


This builds trust and credibility via personalised, authentic, human outreach. It gives the buyer access to information, expertise, and case studies (if available), and it has messaging that is thoughtfully aligned with their buyer journey and needs.


The service offers a unique multi-media platform for success, combined with sales and marketing operations services, professional research, and professional copywriting services.


Word Ferret Connect VMS connects you with people in a human way that is meaningful to your buyers—personally, intellectually, and emotionally.

For your team, it's a simple as 1-2-3


Tell us who you want to reach and what you want to say.
We'll carry out extra research, brief you, and set up landing pages based on what you provide.
Video messaging

You and/or your team record 2-minute video message(s). You can use the landing page as a guide to what you should say.

We'll do the rest... editing, sending, follow-ups, and CRM data entry. Responses will come straight to you.

Connect VMS Sample Video Message

Role play: Outreach from Now Pharma CRO
to Sample Pharmaceuticals Rare Disease
We serve any industry. This sample is for life sciences.
  • We provide the presenter with prospect information and guidance as a basis for their video recording.
  • The video is part of a landing page with personalised message and carefully selected content to match your buyer's needs.
  • Landing pages are branded with your company logo and website style.
  • Each landing page has a unique URL.  
Click below for the sample landing page
COnnect VMS sample page

Services Included with Connect VMS



Buyer-aligned messaging


Video editing

Video recordings

Branded with your logo and website style

Connect VMS sample page

Landing page design and creation

Managed by Word Ferret

Unique URL

Email or LinkedIn text

Email/LinkedIn intro text and thumbnail image


Sales and marketing operations



Video messaging coaching

Supercharge Connect VMS with Optional Services

  • Professional copywriting/content

  • Expanded professional research

  • Network-Nurture-Connect coaching

  • Animated logo and audio sting video intro

  • Subtitles and transcription

  • Audio-only feature

Our four-step process

  • Identify your audience, voice, and messaging

  • Research and collect prospect and market data

  • CRM integration where necessary

  • Create a prospect list

  • Select content to be shared

  • Decide where the landing pages will be hosted (on your site or our platform)

Video message recording
  • You'll record videos

  • We will edit videos to include:

  • Prospect content

  • (web page, news, etc.)

  • Lower thirds (name, job title, and company)

  • Intro/outro screens

  • We will set up automated email outreach and follow up—we can manage this for you. 

  • LinkedIn or email messaging and follow up managed by yourselves—we provide guidance and full or partial message content.

Analysis and reporting
  • Analysis and reporting is available through your own analytics if the landing page is on your website (live data).

  • Or on-demand reporting from our platform.

Choose the best service for you


Connect VMS
Mass Outreach

A single video is sent to everyone.

Best for campaigns of
500+ prospects.

You're in a rush and need to send a message out to many people. Connect Mass Outreach enables you to send the same video message to as many people as you wish.

Each prospect's landing page will have a unique URL.

The written message below the video will be personalised at a basic level.



1st 500-1,000 prospects
£5 per prospect

£4 per prospect thereafter

£500 set-up fee

(Minimum 500 prospects)

Choice of free or paid-for video hosting

Professoinal copywriting service available

Optional sales operations services are available from £100

Connect VMS
1-2-1 Outreach

Unique videos recorded for each prospect.

Best for focused outreach to key prospects - typically 50-100
but can be 100s.

Minumum of 10 prospects.

1-2-1 hyper-personalised video messaging and text, landing pages, and outreach text for emails or other messaging.
Your team records short messages, and then we wrap our service around the videos, delivering a hyper-personalised experience for your prospects.



Video message and landing page services
£150 per prospect

£300 set-up fee

(Minimum 10 prospects)

Choice of free or paid-for video hosting

Professoinal copywriting service available

Advanced research for company data beyond personalised information needed for video messaging

Optional sales operations services are available from from £100

Network Connect Coaching

Available for any of the Connect VMS services

Supercharge your outreach!

We will coach you in our Network, Nurture, Convert method described above.

Connect VMS is powerful but pales in comparison to applying the Network, Nurture, Convert method, especially when deployed as part of an omni-channel sales and marketing campaign.



1-2 people £2,000
3 or more people POA

We can produce any copy that you require

  • ​White papers

  • Training materials

  • Testimonials

  • Telephone scripts

  • Social media sequences

  • Press releases

  • Playbooks


  • Leaflets

  • Email sequences

  • Books and eBooks

  • eBrochures

  • Scripts

  • Speeches

  • Annual reports


  • Promotional video scripts

  • Training video scripts

  • Web pages text

  • Help pages/guides

  • Webinar scripts

  • User interface text

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