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Personal message for John Smith of Outreach Pharmaceuticals

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Hi, John.


I've worked in the rare disease space for years and have been following Outreach Pharma's successes, most notably the recent OP-101 Phase II study for porphyria.

Now Pharma is a specialist CRO in rare disease clinical trials, including porphyria studies. With the announcement of the planned OP-101 Phase III study, now may be a good time to connect. Our porphyria trial experience has shown that in addition to a well-designed protocol, dynamic supply management, a patient-centric approach, and strong analysis tools and methodologies, the CRO's level of relevant experience in this therapeutic area is critical.

Would you be open to having an introduction call? I could share insights that may be helpful for you. My calendar is here if you'd like to compare schedules. 

Kind regards,


Ray Collia
Director of Relationship

Now Phrama

Mobile +44 1234 123456


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